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    Stack it shelf -Download Design & Create your furniture

    Francois Delfosse

    par Francois Delfosse

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    The Stack-It Shelf is bookcase composed of stacked L shaped elements one above the other... It’s that simple.
    The different sizes, colours and assembly patterns enable you to create a unique shelf, tailored to your space and needs. The simplicity of the modules limits costs while offering you great compositional freedom:The components are simple building blocks you can assemble in minimalist or baroque fashion, in a straight or curved line.
    The shelf may be set against a wall or upright as a room divider. Despite its apparent fragility, the principle provides a good resistance to loads. But just as bricks have to be laid with care, it is your responsibility to place the elements to make your shelf study: keep elements from falling by fixing them to walls, to prevent them from falling and hurting someone, especially if you live in a seismic zone!