Swords and Sandals 4: Tavern Quest Full Version Download HD


by MrBrennaBreonna

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Download Link File: http://gomyshare.com/Riveralessandra594986547/Full_Version 2. Double Click and extract the Sandals folder to someplace you want to keep it 3. Double Click the Swords and sandals game. (Something like Swords_sandals or Sword_and_Sandals) Thats pretty much it, but keep in mind that when you launch Swords and Sandals, a message will come up saying you dont have the latest version and that you need to update. Just press continue. The later versions of Swords and Sandals games are uncrackable. SO DONT DO IT. The game you have is the complete and utterly full version. Game Description: The 4nd installment in the SS series. Very unique in that its a board game style game with all the hacking and killing still intact.