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    Jakarta Hosts Asia-Pacific Development Summit


    by NTDTelevision

    An economic development summit is being held in Jakarta today. Attending are ministers from 25 Asia-Pacific countries and delegates from major international organizations.

    The Indonesian vice president opens a ministerial meeting in Jakarta on Tuesday.

    The main agenda is to discuss the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs, in the Asia Pacific region.

    Leaders at the two-day summit discuss ways to improve their goal of meeting the MDGs by the year 2015.

    [Boediono, Indonesian Vice President]: (English)
    "Today I would like to take stock of what has been achieved, what has not, and even more importantly, to find ways to renew our commitments to achieve the MDGs as we declared 10 years ago."

    Seventeen ministers and some 200 delegations representing 25 Asia Pacific countries and 13 international organizations are also in attendance.