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    Pt.2 When Is The Sabbath?


    by TheEndOfEsausWorld



    Thawada, Yea the spirit of the most high revealed to me yesterday that it is new moon and 3 sabbaths, i watched your video when you first came out with it, and all was good, but then Satan must have got in my head had me thinking that theres five Sabbaths which i knew wasn't true just wasn't sure.

    Theres this dude that got a video trying to explain the sabbath is on Saturday and that the new moon governors high holy days but not the sabbath,which is complete madness. but all the scriptures you brought out are great cut scriptures for all that BS.

    Thawada for getting back to me and confirming its new moon and 3 Sabbaths. which would mean when the next new moon comes in we would have done 6 days of work.
    By TheLambShallOvercome5 years ago
    It's usually the new moon and 3 Sabbaths unless there happens to be a Sabbath from a feast day, Lev.23:4-8, the reason everything doesn't line up perfectly is because Esau's calendar is off, Dan.7:25, Shalam hope you understand.
    By TheEndOfEsausWorld5 years ago
    I understand that the new moon is a sabbath but if the cycle of the moon is 29 days?
    Then when the next new moon comes in you wouldn't have had done 6 days of work, no?

    Because the sabbath falls on the 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, (The first being a new moon). then when the next moon comes in it wouldnt have been 6 days of work.

    So what im asking is does the moon require there to be 6 days of work before there could be the new moon(sabbath).

    Because the concept of a sabbath is 6 days of work and the 7th day rest. and The new moon is considered a sabbath right? so then would it be, when the new moon comes in we would have to have done 6 days of work?

    I hope i didnt confuse you with my questions, Thawada
    By TheLambShallOvercome5 years ago
    Shalam, Great series, I have questions though. When you count the Sabbaths in each month is it the new moon and the 4 Sabbaths, which would make a total of 5 Sabbath's or is it, the new moon being sabbath 1 and there being 3 Sabbaths after that making it only 4 Sabbaths in a month.
    By TheLambShallOvercome5 years ago