Fred Rich Orchestra - When The Real Thing Comes Along, 1929

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Freddie Rich & His Orch., v. The Rollickers – When The Real Thing Comes Along, Columbia 1929

NOTE: Fred (Freddie) RICH (ne Fryderyk Efrem Rich in 1898, Warsaw, Poland – d. 1956 in LA, CA) was a Polish-born bandleader and composer. After his musical training as a pianist in Warsaw, in his teenage years he emigrated to America. With help of the Polish-Jewish community in NYC he got a professional status as popular pianist and in mid 1920s he was able to establish his own band. He toured Europe and after return, his band signed permanent contract with the Astor Hotel (later Waldorf-Astoria) in New York City. In 1930s, he would become a musical director for various radio stations and in 1942, he moved onto a staff position with United Artists in Hollywood, where he was to remain for most of his career.

6 komentarzy

Lovely presentation.
Thank you for sharing.
Przez Walter Gray 4 lata temu
We are lucky that so many of these talented artists came here and were able to continue their work which we still enjoy today on sites like this.
Przez Boston Blackie 4 lata temu
Quelle elegance, quelle grandeur! Both the music and the video.
Przez dzheger 4 lata temu
Exquisite Fred Rich rendition! Thank you for sharing. This is tops.
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Grzegorz My Darling,
As Ornate and Grand as the Hotel Astor was, I would still rather meet YOU on Ulica Zlota and for just one night go back in time to 1938 and Club Hop with "The Banda" . We would all be dressed to the "Nines" and Rudy would of course be with us.
Przez Genia 4 lata temu
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