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    Live - Pregnant Heart Strikes Again -or- Us Connecting Up

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-08-01 2nd Live - Mayan day 2 Deer or Healing Hand ♥ TRANSCRIPT: not really - it's live ;) but look here - ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: Well, I’ve gone and done it, again - had one of those pregnant heart episodes. Pretty strange, whenever a someone in a body pushing 60 starts talking about being pregnant. You just know you’d better watch out - for something - no telling what. Ha! Especially with me. :) MAYAN CALENDAR ACCELERATING This is interesting, too, in that I’ve only done two journals, today - and both of them are live. Never done that, before. Oh well, there are always endless firsts - might as well just note them and enjoy them as they pass. Things are surely changing mighty fast - kicking into high gear - and heck, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Why do I say that? No, I’m no prophet, or the like. I’m just connected up in heart, like we all are, or are becoming, everywhere - and heart just knows things. But, even if it wasn’t for that, I’d still know this, just because of the beauty and might of the Mayan Calendar - and I’m not talking about the dreamspell one, either. 7TH DAY STARTS IN NOVEMBER, 2010 So, change accelerates right along. Look for it to step up into a higher gear come November, this year. We’ll probably be feeling it in October, but in early November we go into the last cycle of this level of the calendar - the 7th day. In a few short months after that, we’ll leave this level behind, entirely. We’ll be moving to the very last level, the 9th. Time is indeed shortening for the elect, as the Good Book says. We never could have imagined what that meant, however, no matter the Bible classes or scripture studies we undertook. There was no way of knowing - just couldn’t be done. Still can’t be, if you’re stuck in the 3D mind of yours, trying to process it through that... Distributed by Tubemogul.