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    Copy and Paste Tool - ShortKeys


    by webermarketing

    170 views here is a free copy and paste tool that I've been using for quite a few years now and really enjoy it. It saves me a lot of time and prevents me making mistakes in many of the repetitive typing I have to do every day. Short keys can be downloaded for free and users can set up to 15 different hotkeys into it that specify certain URLs words phrases are even commonly used HTML code. Simply open the interface type in the short key of your choice that you want to associate with the phrase or word which will be pasted and then type that phrase or word or URL or piece of HTML code you want always associate with a hotkey. Short keys has saved me countless hours over the years and also the frustration of having to type which many of us hate to do. You can find this free tool as Again, you want to download the light version which will give you up to 15 hotkeys.