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    Swiss Boy-Lawrence Duchow


    by Lou



    Holger N. Koch
    proud of lawrence duchow, because he is my relative ! sunny greetingsfrom baltic sea germany
    By Holger N. KochLast year
    todez Wis
    I got to listen to Lawrence's music quite a bit. My dad loved listening to it. I've listened to it more since my dad's passing. My grandfather was the brother of Lawrence's father. I only met Lawrence once when he returned to Potter in the late 60's (I think it was) to play at the Potter Corn Roast. I don't remember it very well anymore.
    I'm glad that his music takes you back! I guess music runs in our blood a bit. I dabbled at song writing, too, and did put out a CD, but never took it anywhere near the level of Lawrence. Thanks again!
    By todez Wis4 years ago
    Glad to do it George.Reminds me of when I was younger at the German Club.
    By Lou4 years ago
    todez Wis
    Thank you for keeping my cousin's music alive! George Duchow
    By todez Wis4 years ago
    Jack, Switzerland is an eternally neutral nation, not involved in any international organization, and cherishing its own version of Splendid Isolation. That makes it so hard to label.
    By kspm0220s5 years ago
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