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    Anil Kapoor praises daughters Sonam and Rhea.


    by ODN


    Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor says he gave daughters Sonam and Rhea a free hand in their new film Aisha.

    Rhea Kapoor made her debut as a producer and Sonam Kapoor stars as leading lady in the new romantic comedy, based on Jane Austen's classic novel Emma.

    Despite his experience in the film industry, he insists his daughters did not need his help. He said: "Both girls, I think, made the film on their own. I came in to it much later and I think that really helped me.

    "If I was there throughout the making of the film, I think the film wouldn't have been that good".

    The 24 actor says his job was to sign off cheques, as the film was made under his home production house Anil Kapoor Films Company.

    Aisha is released in UK cinemas on 6 August.