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    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - (AC/DC) Lesson


    por JaiminhoPaginaLessons

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    2 comentários

    Łukasz Węzka
    God Bless!!
    Por Łukasz WęzkaHá 2 anos
    Thank God I,ve found you again Jaiminopagina, I thought you were lost forever.I'm trying to learn ' Rock N Roll ' zep but there is a problem with your lesson on here - the video is out of sync with the sound. Cheers Jaiminho ykdickybill UK
    Por ykdickybillHá 6 anos
    Man how do you do that last lick in the solo?? I've been trying to get that lick for two years and can't get it. Is there a secret or something to doing it??
    Por nascarfan19Há 6 anos
    good to see you videos again. i made an account just to watch your videos. i hope this keeps working!
    Por hDOG422Há 6 anos