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    RUN (1/2)


    by Ryanhorror

    A man (Shane Collins) awakens in the woods, barefoot, with no idea of where he is or how he got there. His money remains in his wallet, his shoes are among an ominous, mismatched collection hanging from a nearby tree. Inside of one he finds a message, a warning that reads: "RUN". A woman's screams tear through the silence of the wilderness around him. He can feel eyes on him. He begins to realize he has been forced into a deadly game, and the woman is bait. He is being hunted.

    Battling his own debilitating panic, the man must decide whether to heed the written warning or attempt to find and rescue the woman... but which choice is playing into the plans of a twisted killer? And how can he survive the hellish cruelty of this psychological game without letting the killer into his own head?