Sonic X episode 78 "So Long Sonic" (part 2)

Sonic X

by Sonic X

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By Abashedwarehous283 Last week
Here is the only spot that has the full video
By Kindrainbow54149 Last week
as much as I want more of this, it's time it stopped. this came out years ago, and none of the voice actors, except for Eggman, are still with Sega. Amy's voice irks me now because it sounds like Minnie Mouse, and doesn't fit her violent personality anymore. Tails doesn't bother me much now, but it's more so Sonic and Amy whose designs I hate now, and if they brought Sonic X back, it wouldn't be nearly as good. Plus, they're coming out with Sonic Boom (EWW). one show at a time.
By TheFatCrazyCat Last year
Screw Sonic Satam, Sonic X is the best Sonic cartoon to date. Also screw people who have a flaming hatred for this show. If they didn't have such a hatred for it. We would've seen Blaze and Silver in later seasons.
By dm_50394f7babe6b 3 years ago
please every1 pray for sonic x season 4 to cum out soon please this year convince sega team and the other makers of sonic x to make season 4 for all of us every1 want to find out if chris made it to planet earth, shadow comes back and cosmo reborn from the seed.
By darkslim95 4 years ago
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