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    Building Collapse Claims One Life in Western India


    by NTDTelevision

    One person is dead and four injured as a multi-story building collapsed in western India's Maharashtra state on Wednesday.

    [Hasan, Witness]: (hindi male )
    "I heard some noise so when I came out to see what was happening, I saw that a portion of the building was collapsing. So we all came out of our houses. Suddenly the building collapsed."

    [Ramesh, Witness]: (hindi male)
    "This all happened at around 9:30 p.m. People came back home from work and were having their dinner and suddenly the building collapsed. It was God's grace that only a part of the building collapsed, so people suddenly came out of their houses and then the whole building collapsed."

    All the injured were admitted to a nearby hospital and rescue operations are underway.

    [Vasim Khan, Lawmaker from Kurla]: (hindi male)
    "Our main priority right now is to remove the debris so that people stuck inside could be rescued immediately. Then further investigations will be done on how this building was constructed, when it was constructed and what role the municipal corporation played in it."

    Nine fire engines responded to the scene.