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    Ghibli et le mystère Miyazaki [3]


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    Yusi Barclay
    oups... no, I was meaning : the city 三鷹/ Mitaka...
    so, not mikata...
    But tanks the meaning of mikata / 味方 ;)
    So, I was talking about the Ghiblie museum :p

    By the way, I made another mistake in the French name of :
    "Le japonais que même les Japonais ne comprennes pas"
    In fact, it is "Le japonais que même les Japonais ne comprennent pas"
    Sorry about that, but now you can be sure that it's the right way of writting it in french ;)
    ユーザー名 Yusi Barclay5 年前
    I changed "the title". Thank you for pointing out. =)
    味方? wanted to say...見方 ?
    味方 = friend, supporter, alley / 見方 = point of view

    The Part 2 wasn't accepted. (No, it's within 20 minutes.) So, I deleted it.
    You can guess what I mean, I guess. ^^

    Yes, I have seen "Le roi et l'oiseau". It's my favorite. =)

    Talk to you on a mail. またね。
    ユーザー名 abricot57255 年前
    Yusi Barclay
    Merci ;)
    What was wrong with part 2? More than 20 minutes?
    As I went in 味方 (are there the good kanji for: "Mikata" ?) it reminds me so much... :)

    Did you ever seen/watched "Le roi et l'oiseau"?
    This movie is GREAT, even if it's an old now.

    I started to watch the first part of : Langue japonaise que Japonais(e) ne savent pas
    And this is funny ;)
    But I guess that a French translation could be : "Le japonais que même les japonnais ne comprennes pas" ;)
    (The Nihon go that even Japanese can't get/understand)...

    it reminds me that I am far far away from finishing my japanese studies... :p
    ユーザー名 Yusi Barclay5 年前