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    Trish vs Test

    Robert Grace

    by Robert Grace

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    Albert was manhandled butt naked Purple bruises surrounded his body with blood covering his head Everyone watching were in awe except those who were watching from home TV sets went blank after Albert was yelling for help being that it was a PG program
    No one dared to stop the fight as everyone feared Trish
    All what occured was real and not part of the script.
    As Trish was walking up the ramp Test came out and pushed her Test with rage yelled at her, What the Fuck is wrong with you!
    Test was unaware of Albert's actions last week
    As Trish was about to respond Test struck her. Just her head turned and she looked at Test again. She punched his face and he fell to the ground. Trish waited for Test to get up. Three minutes passed and Test came back to his senses and found Trish in the ring waiting for him.