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    Paul Rudd and Steve Carell in Dinner for Schmucks


    by ODN


    Paul Rudd and Steve Carell star in Jay Roach's summer comedy Dinner for Schmucks.

    Tim (Paul Rudd) is an aspiring business man who gets invited by his boss and his colleagues to a dinner party. The twist - each of them has to bring along an odd person who they can make fun of. Tim's choice falls on Barry (played by Steve Carell) - a seemingly odd yet likeable character.

    "What I like about this guy is that he is a very innocent and earnest person", says Carell.

    "He just is so well intentioned and well meaning but underlying that is a real sense of sorrow and pain."

    Dinner for Schmucks, which is a remake of 1998 French comedy The Dinner Game, hits theatres on September 3.