The Freebirds vs. Doherty/Vachon/Shaw

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MSG 8/25/84


Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts are tough men. They know how to dish out that punishment inside that squared circle boy. Terry Gordy really did a number on big Butch Vachon during this contest with that slam and that devastating, stiff kneedrop he followed it up with. Vachon didn't know what hit him.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
Shaw, Doherty and Vachon have their work cut out for them. In this match their pitted up against one of the greatest tag-teams of the 80s. Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts, the Fabulous Freebirds. Back in their prime the Freebirds were excitement personified anywhere they chose to travel or wrestle. Fans loved them, even when they booed them, you couldn't help but love the Freebirds. They had it all. They were one of the first tag-teams to come along and make tag-team wrestling seem cool and fun.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago