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    Edited by Cut+Run, Young & Connected: "A Long Wait"

    Hype Communications

    by Hype Communications

    The ‘Young and Connected’ is a brilliant and hilarious series of idents for C4. The project was Directed by Sam Cadman at Rogue and edited by Andy McGraw at Cut+Run, and are rife with bold humor and spot-on casting and art direction. ‘Dynasty’ big hair, equally grand actions and key shots of the LG phone are united with classic tag lines and cliffhangers. The storylines hinge on the drama that social networking can inject into the modern and uber connected world.

    Client: LG mobile
    Ad Agency: Rainy Kelly Campbell UK YR
    Production: Rogue Films and Station Films (LA Production)
    Director: Sam Cadman
    Editor: Andy McGraw, Cut+Run