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    P.I. DANGEROUS Teaser Trailer

    The first teaser trailer for RavensFilm Productions' 24p HD short film "P.I. Dangerous." Michael A. Flossman is a seasoned crime-fighter on the streets of Chicago, self-nicknamed "P.I. Dangerous" after a police captain's insistence that "P.I.'s are nothing but dangerous." Now, he is up against a violent and corrupt police detective and the crooked pharmaceuticals company paying him off to sell their producton the black market. Michael also has to deal with his distraught brother Matthew whose son was shot and lays in the hospital tettering between life and death. And looming over everything is the Windy City arrival of the elite mercenary team Death Force.

    Featured music is "Quinn's Song: First Night" and "Redletter" by Kevin MacLeod (

    Starring Chris Agos, Michael Sugarman, Thom McCloud, Nick Doetsch, Nick Dopuch, Charlie S. Jensen, Matthew Mages, Will Martel, Emily Rohm, Stevan Vujic, Gerrit Yank
    Also Starring J. Preston Taub, Laura Wettingfeld, CJ Koenig, Ryan Salzwedel, Nicholas J. Michalak

    Director Of Photography: Eric Woltman
    Gaffer: D. Antione Dixon
    Written, Produced, Edited, & Directed by Nicholas J. Michalak

    Official P.I. DANGEROUS Website

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