Zez Confrey's Orch. - Dizzy Fingers, 1927

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Zez Confrey m.s. Orchester - Dizzy Fingers (Flinke Hände) , Electrola 1927 (Germany)

NOTE: Edward Elzear "Zez" CONFREY (b. 1895 in Peru, IL –d. 1971 in Lakewood, NJ) American composer, performer of piano music and bandleader, considered as creator of a “novelty rag". After World War I he became a pianist for the QRS piano roll company. His piano composition "Kitten on the Keys" (1921) - inspired by a cat at his grandmother's house that he discovered prancing up and down the piano keyboard - became a hit. Confrey went on to compose many other pieces in the same genre (e.g. Stumbling, 1922; Dizzy Fingers,1923), later he turned toward composing for jazz bands (Jay Walk, 1927; Sparkling Waters, 1928; Moods of a New Yorker, 1932). He retired after World War II leaving behind more than a hundred piano works, miniature operas, and songs, plus numerous piano rolls, music publications and recordings.

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niceeeeeeeeee! . ..i feel lonely though.. !
Przez sweetgirl2010 4 lata temu
Thanks Grzregorz! I'm looking forward to it. Some special festive occasion will do :-) Fidelio is a sadly rarely played and underrated opera, even if a genius like Beethoven composed it.
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Patrick, if ever comes a good opportuinity I will gladly upload for you one of these Japanes HMVs. I have, however, only the operatic recordings made by them. Let's wait for some occassion I can make a nice concert for you with e.g. Eugene Ormany & Kirsten Flagstadt in "Fidelio" recorded by HMV in Tokyo (or - just pressed in Japan? ).
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
That is remarkable indeed, Grzegorz. I'm surprised about the avallabilty of Japanese issues, and I wonder what they issued from the Japanese catalogue. Personally I've never come across any of those.
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Corrie, Jack, Lana, Dave, Barbara, Patrick - what always surprises me is the whole array of fantastic Electrola jazzy issues available in 1920s in Poland, with the best of American hot dance for the European audience. What excellent taste Electrola music directors must have had! Ofcourse Electrola belonged to that hige worldwide Victor network, including HMV in UK and in Japan (a lot of Japanese HMVs were available in Poland!) and Electrola's competition in Germany: Deutsche Grammophon, as well as Polydor in Austria. However, and I know it from my father, there was a significant difference in prices. In Poland, Electrola disk cost the same much as Polish Syrena or Odeon (ca 2 zloty = ca 70 US cents) while HMV record for unknown reasons was 3 zlotys (almost 50% higher) although the shellac and recording quality by Electrola was the same good or even better than most of the European records!
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
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