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    Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Allison Crowe live-in-studio

    Allison Crowe

    by Allison Crowe

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    "It's, as I say, a desire to affirm my faith in life, not in some formal religious way but with enthusiasm, with emotion.... It's a rather joyous song." ~ Leonard Cohen, creator of the song, Hallelujah. He says: "I wanted to write something in the tradition of the hallelujah choruses but from a different point of view... It's the notion that there is no perfection ~ that this is a broken world and we live with broken hearts and broken lives but still that is no alibi for anything. On the contrary, you have to stand up and say hallelujah under those circumstances."

    Canadian musician Allison Crowe's uniquely potent interpretation is heard on her album, "Tidings".

    "j'ai rarement été bouleversée à ce point par une voix féminine. Pure comme de la glace, puissante et même violente sur la reprise de l'Hallelujah de Leonard Cohen" ~ SplinterMuse

    "Simply, a song so beautiful (Hallelujah) has never been sung so beautifully" ~ We Write Lists (UK)