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    Tiger Woods Golf Swing | Catastrophic Sequence


    by somaxperformance

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    Tiger no longer wins majors by 12-15 strokes. Somax ( ) has documented a catastrophic change in his downswing sequence that explains why. This new sequence is highly inefficient, forcing him to compensate with his upper body and over-use his forearms. This degrades consistency in all golfers and can lead to coming over the top and slicing the ball in golfers who are not as strong as Tiger. It can be avoided by following the two examples of golfers we provide that use an efficient sequence during their downswing. Over-use of the forearms has also led several top golfers to end their careers prematurely with the yips. This happens because over-use tears muscle fibers in the forearm muscles, creating tension and microfibers (scar tissue) that provoke muscle spasm while putting. The tension and microfibers can be released, but it is better to avoid the problem in the first place by using the entire body in sequence from the ground up to power the club.