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    Teddy Stauffer & his Original-Teddies - Say Si Si, 1939


    przez grzegorz240252

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    Boston Blackie
    I had the Glenn Miller version back in the 50s.
    Przez Boston Blackie6 lat temu
    Go Latino and say si si. Hot rhythm and luring bright and colorful Caribbean cruise posters. I wish I was there.
    Przez dzheger6 lat temu
    Thank you for the additional information, Grzegorz and for taking note :-)
    Przez kspm0220s6 lat temu
    Patrick, Corrie, Barbara! Ofcourse, you are right. "Para Vigo me voy"... -it's how it should be written. There's a mistake on Telefeunken label and I copied it :-(( Sorry. To add a couple of details - English text was written by Al Stillman and the song was published by Ernesto Lecuona in 1935. In YT you can find original recording by Lecuona Cuban Boys.
    Przez grzegorz2402526 lat temu
    Walter Gray
    I can't recall when I last listened to this great song. I thought the rhythm was a rumba, but I must bow to greater knowledge . This is a fine rendition of this number and the visuals are grand.
    I have British coins which are minted from silver bullion "acquired" from the Spanish at Vigo !
    Thank you for sharing another great post. Much appreciated.
    Przez Walter Gray6 lat temu
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