Barkoff Barking Prevention Device

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  • Add to Through the years, dog owners have struggled to uncover an effective method to silence their dogs barking. Many times, the need to deter barking behavior is a necessity since it infringes upon the rights of others- especially in an apartment or shared living situation. Of course, many barking deterrent devices have been created to stop barking dogs but, unfortunately, most of these operate through inhumane means. The Barkoff puts an end to needing to resort to cruel barking training methods and enables the dog owner to effectively stop barking through a safe and gentle method. This new and humane barking silencer is called the Barkoff and it employs ultrasonic sounds which immediately gain your pets attention and disrupts nuisance barking. Put an end to shock collars and other cruel anti barking devices and get proven results with a barking prevention device that is completely petsafe and humane. Check out the BarkOff Today!