Alexandre VERTINSKI - Na wysokim brzegu, ca 1928


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Back to this upsettingly intense and nostalgic song... thanks again for uploading this gem.
Przez kspm0220s4 lata temu
Boston Blackie
grzeg...............the DM format requires that we become our own editors. In rare cases links to critical information might be provided.
Przez Boston Blackie5 lat temu
Jack, thank you! I only wish the info space in DM was the same big as it was in YT! Here, you can't exceed the maximum of 1000 signs which makes the information extremely squeezed. I feel pain in my heart when the story I was writing for the whole evening sudedenly must be packed into a tiny suitcase and for next 15 minutes I'll be doing nothing but selecting, which part of my story deserves life or death. It's hard to be an artist, nowadays... :-(
Przez grzegorz2402525 lat temu
Boston Blackie
Entertaining and informative.
Przez Boston Blackie5 lat temu
Moody and engaging. Very attractive voice. Now I know the origin of the Yiddish word "breg" (shore)
Przez dzheger5 lat temu
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