Alexandre VERTINSKI - Na wysokim brzegu, ca 1928

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Na wysokim brzegu (On A High Shore) - Aleksander Wertyński, Parlophon ca 1928 (Polish)

NOTE: Aleksandr VERTINSKY (b.1889 in Kiev-d. 1957 in Sankt Petersburg) - Russian poet, singer, composer. In 1912 in Moscow he started to employ a scenic figure of Pierrot with powdered face, singing miniature novellas known as "Pierrot's doleful ditties". He was christened the "Russian Pierrot", and became famous. He also became addicted to cocaine. Shortly before the Revolution Vertinsky toured Russia performing decadent romances with a touch of cosmopolitan chic, such as "Kokainetka" and “Tango Magnolia" (see my uploading in You Tube). In 1920 he left Russia for Constantinople and Romania where he was declared a Soviet agent. In 1923 he performed in Warsaw, then moved to Paris where he would perform at Montmartre cabarets for 9 years. In 1943 he was granted visa to USSR. He gave about 2000 concerts and appeared in films. His role of an anti-Communist cardinal won him Stalin Prize for 1951.

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Back to this upsettingly intense and nostalgic song... thanks again for uploading this gem.
Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
grzeg...............the DM format requires that we become our own editors. In rare cases links to critical information might be provided.
Przez Boston Blackie 5 lat temu
Jack, thank you! I only wish the info space in DM was the same big as it was in YT! Here, you can't exceed the maximum of 1000 signs which makes the information extremely squeezed. I feel pain in my heart when the story I was writing for the whole evening sudedenly must be packed into a tiny suitcase and for next 15 minutes I'll be doing nothing but selecting, which part of my story deserves life or death. It's hard to be an artist, nowadays... :-(
Przez grzegorz240252 5 lat temu
Entertaining and informative.
Przez Boston Blackie 5 lat temu
Moody and engaging. Very attractive voice. Now I know the origin of the Yiddish word "breg" (shore)
Przez dzheger 5 lat temu
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