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    Jaden's months of training for The Karate Kid


    by ODN

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    Hollywood stars, producers, and proud parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, joined their son, Jaden Smith, and martial arts legend, Jackie Chan, on the red carpet for the French premiere of The Karate Kid in Paris on Sunday.

    A crowd of fans gathered outside a cinema which had been transformed to resemble a Chinese Pagoda.

    The movie, which stars Will Smith's son Jaden smith as a young martial artist and Jackie Chan as his mentor has already topped the box office in North America.

    Jaden explained the most challenging aspect of shooting was the fighting scenes. For Jackie Chan, a martial arts pro, it was talking in English.

    "Probably doing all the fighting with Jackie. All the fighting scenes with him, yeah," Smith Jr. said.

    "For me it was all in English and also I'm the action director, I had to make sure everybody's safe on the set, especially him. So before the movie training three month, doing the movie four months, now he's still training to prepare for the next one," Jackie Chan added.

    The Karate Kid is out in the UK on Wednesday.