FREE Business Card Scanner iPhone & Mobile Phone App


by bgsarg180



Thanks Jenny Brown! I tried and find very satisfied about it. Especially its newest app: CF 2.0 helps me to easily search card photos without internet connection.
By Adrianne-2463 years ago
Billy Given
That is amazing news. Anyway, if you want to scan your business cards by Iphone, u can deploy The software can help you to save all the data in its serve. You can edit yourself or CardFila staff will do it for u. All the data you put in will be kept safe forever. Now you can throw all your cards, very convenient, especially for entrepreneur.
By Billy Given3 years ago
Jenny Brown
I choose to save my business card. I just need to capture my cards. When I need to find a contact, I search in my contact phone. Very easy and favourable
By Jenny Brown3 years ago