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    FUEGO - Subliminal & Tony Touch - The making of


    by Tactrecords

    Subliminal & Tony Touch – FUEGO
    Subliminal continues to bombard the media with another hot single.
    After having collaborated with the best artists in israel and some of the biggest stars across the world such as Wyclaf Jean, Pras, Joe budden, Killah priest, Miri Ben-Ari and more...
    Subliminal returns with a brand-new collaboration with one of the greatest DJs in Hip–Hop Culture Tony Touch.

    Fuego, as it's name - means fire!
    One more super smart Hip-hop\dance Bomb from the creator Kobi "Subliminal" Shimoni, continues the current line of previous singles that made strong impact at the charts, radio stations and clubs.

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