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    PapierTigre, Oct 2009, 8th Blackhouse Session !!!!

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    Papier Tigre Eric Pasquereau- Pierre-Antoine Parois- Arthur de La Grandiere
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    performed at the Blackhouse for a Warrior Session:::
    Theme: Warrior --- leather versus jean
    Fimed by Marco Tsypkine
    Edited by Didier Poiraud
    Thanks to all the guests/actors. Special thanks for: Paul Lacoste as the rock young leader, Romain Marceau as the Jeans's leader, Eric Pifeteau as the rock leader, Astrid Serafini for the wardrobe, Laurent Mareschal as superbe actorl, Gregg Bréhin as the photographer part, Amel as the girlfriend's leather leader, Jo Seilman as the Bottle guy, the Great Yamoy grils as baseball girls, etc etc
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