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    Roboform Code: How NOT to choose a password + Coupon

    26 views Choosing good passwords is important for your online safety and security. This video shows you 5 things your password should NEVER be. 1. Words in any dictionary. Easy for a cracking program to figure out 2. Your user name Pick something other than your username for your password. There is no security in having your username be the same thing as your password. 3. Your real name It’s easy for a password cracker to figure this out. 4. Your spouse's name Using public records searches, it’s simple to figure out what your spouse’s name is. 5. Anyone's name Crackers don't necessarily know that your aunt's middle name is Agnes, but it's easy enough to get a list of 100,000 names and try each one. Choosing good passwords is pretty easy. Remembering good passwords is MUCH harder. That’s why we recommend Roboform. Roboform fast, easy, remembers passwords for you, and it’s secure. Save 20% on Roboform using the link below.