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    Lifelock Code: 5 Ways to Protect Tax Information From ...

    5 views New tax year = new worries about taxes Unfortunately, you now have to worry about protecting your identity. While you're figuring out the right returns to send to the IRS, here are five recommendations for Keeping Tax Info Safe 1. Guard your mail. Once your mail leaves your hands, it's at the mercy of the people who handle it. Make sure you get it in the hands of the right people. 2. Don't keep tax information loose around the house or car. Make sure you can lock important documents away at home. Protect them in your car and office. 3. Only deal with legitimate government organizations. Protect your information by dealing directly with the IRS. 4. Protect your Social Security Number. Do a search on your computer for your SSN. Archive any documents onto a CD and delete the files from your computer. 5. Keep your accounts and papers tidy. Make sure that you keep things simple. Organization helps you find and protect your important documents. There is no 100% effective protection against Identity Theft. This is why we recommend having a plan in place for when it happens to you. Save 21% with code: identity