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    5 Tips for Staying Safe on Facebook: Lifelock Promotion

    72 views 1. Don’t share your account password or login information. Keep your login information private, no matter how much you trust your best friend. 2. Turn off saved passwords & auto-complete options on your browser. Tempting though it may be to save 5 precious seconds, it means your password is stored on your computer. 3. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know. Many bogus and stolen accounts start by seeking out new connections. 4. Don’t click or follow nondescript or otherwise suspicious links. “Look at this embarrassing video I found of you! Click here!" is probably something you should look at more closely before clicking. 5. If you weren’t friends then, you probably still aren’t now. Reality check: Kissing and making up is fine and all, but someone who hated you in the past might not need to be added to your "friends" list. It's not just facebook you have to worry about. Identity thieves can be anywhere. We recommend instead having a plan in place for when Identity Theft does happen to you. One great plan is Lifelock. The link below gives you a discount code on Lifelock's services. Save 21% with code: identity