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    Art Hickman - Dream House, 1928


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    Arthur (Art) HICKMAN (b. 1886 in Oakland, CA – d. 1930 in San Francisco) drummer, pianist, and band leader. His orchestra established in 1914 is considered as ancestor to Big band style in music ("sweet bands", something like that of Paul Whiteman) as well as one of the first jazz bands (alhough Hickman himself disputed that "jazz" was music at all, alternatively calling it “just noise”). He had no musical training but in 1913 he played piano and drums in one of SF hotels. Ten years later he had one of the, if not the, best paid band in USA. He also was one of the first dance bands to have a saxophone section. He strongly associated jazz with African Americans, sometimes disparagingly and other times in a flattering way, which he was not. He had intended to do a history of jazz, and also had other projects, but by 1929 he was suffering from Banti's syndrome (chronic congestive enlargement of the spleen resulting in premature destruction of the red blood cells). In 1930 he died.