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    Villagers Use Sewage Water to Generate Power Central India


    by NTDTelevision

    One village in India’s Madhya Pradesh state is getting a little more environmentally friendly. They discovered a unique way to generate power by using sewage water. Let's take a look.

    Residents of Kodipura village in Madhya Pradesh have discovered a new way to generate electricity through human waste.

    A plant was constructed on the outskirts of the village that uses sewage water to generate five kilowatts of electricity.

    [Halkeram Maheshwar, Local]: (gender male, Hindi)
    "One three horsepower motor is run and water is supplied through it. The electricity is also used by the community hall. All the lights and fans consume the same electricity. We are also planning to further supply electricity in the village."

    The power plant also benefits the farming community.

    [Shiv Narayan Sharma, Former Village Head]: (gender male, Hindi)
    "We use this electricity to draw water from a well that we have dug. We use the water to irrigate the 3-4 acres of land surrounding the plant. We have sown soybean. We are also planning to make a cowshed here, so that we can also utilize cow dung to produce more gas."

    The plant is financially supported by the state government.

    Locals believe the plant has also improved the sanitation in the village.

    It’s seen as a leap towards environment conservation.