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    Heavy Rains Hit Parts of Gujarat, India


    by NTDTelevision

    Almost half of the Jalpaiguri district located in the state of West Bengal in India has been flooded.

    For the past three to four days it has been raining cats and dogs in North Bengal, Sikkim, and Bhutan, leading to overflowing rivers in the region.

    One subdivision is almost completely underwater.

    A bridge has been washed out partly due to the floods.

    But thankfully no deaths have been reported in the affected regions.

    Authorities said that civil defense volunteers, locals and government officials are busy with rescue operations.

    [Naba Kr. Barman, Sub-divisional Officer]: (Bengali, male)
    “The rescue operation is underway. There is no shortage of relief materials. Civil defense workers are helping people in the affected areas and the municipal and local people are also helping in the rescue work.”

    Locals suspect the flooding could be the result of a dam in Bhutan that released water on the other side of the border.

    [Gnaesh Mahyali, Flood Victim]: (Bengali)
    “We believe that this sudden flash water can come from Bhutan's Chukha project. It is only possible when a barrage discharges lot of water. The India-Bhutan water commission should inform us about this release of water beforehand, which is never done by them.”

    Heavy rain has also been reported all across Gujarat.

    Areas like Kodinar and Talala have received almost 14 inches of rainfall in the past 24 hours.

    Schools and colleges remained closed.

    Following flash floods in the Hiran River in Talala, water was flowing seven feet high on a bridge, turning the adjoining areas into a virtual island.

    More heavy showers are in the forecast for the next three days.