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    C.O.B.B. - The Power Of Love


    por Reborninoktober

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    When I was a teenager, my two nieces were babies and one thing that they enjoyed was when I used to change the records speed from 33 rpm to 45 or from 45 to 78 and sing along to the weird tiny voices, pretending we were a trio... We used to laugh our asses off while singing and we had lots of fun...
    We even had a name: Crazy Oncle Blues Band! (C.O.B.B.)
    It sounds silly now... It was even silly THEN! But I remember those days with nostalgia and I decided to create the very first C.O.B.B. video!
    This was one of the songs we enjoyed the most: "The Power Of Love" from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, included on their 1984 album "Welcome To The Pleasuredome".
    What to do... I'm weird, I know...! :-)
    This video is dedicated to my nieces: Lena and Joana...