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    Thief who mowed down car owner jailed


    by ODN


    A thief who ran down a woman as she tried to stop him stealing her car was jailed indefinitely, with a minimum term of six years.

    Shaun Higgins left Lynda Hankey, 42, for dead when he drove off in her beloved MG sports car outside her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, last January. Hankey, a mother of two adult sons, later died in hospital

    Higgins was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court after he admitted manslaughter, aggravated vehicle taking and causing death by dangerous driving while disqualified from driving.

    It emerged during the hearing that Higgins was a heroin addict who stole Ms Hankey's car to enable him to get a fix and was on license following a previous conviction for aggravated vehicle taking.

    Judge Gerald Clifton said Higgins' actions showed "calculated disregard" for the danger posed to Ms Hankey.

    "You are, and for the foreseeable future will be, a dangerous cocktail of risk." He added.