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    Welcome To Facebook - Video 1 Signing Up

    Mike Sherratt

    by Mike Sherratt

    Who will benefit from this training? Small Business Owners ● Real Estate Professionals ● Insurance Agents ● Direct Salespeople ● Network Marketers ● Home Based Business Opportunities ● Charities ● Affiliate Marketers ● Churches ● Coaches ● Consultants ● Speakers ● Authors ● Entrepreneurs Did you know that Facebook® signs up 250,000 new users a day? A DAY. That's a staggering number and is unprecedented, even on the Internet. That's 250,000 potential new customers A DAY for YOU if you knew how to reach them! Would knowing how to tap that incredible market help your business? What if you could absolutely target your perfect customers? If you knew how to find thousands and thousands of people who are exactly right for your business, do you think your business would explode? Check out my blog: