Love Parade 2010 Trailer - THE ART OF LOVE

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The Love Parade 2010 on 24.07.2010

The Loveparade is one of the biggest and most peaceful events in the world! People from all over the planet annually get together in the name of electronic music to carry the message of a peaceful community into the world.

Values like love, respect, tolerance and community define the prior focus. Because without love there’s no respect, without respect there’s no tolerance and without tolerance no community.

The Loveparade is a modern legend. Originally formed as a demonstration over the course of years the Loveparade became an event that allowed people from all over the world to party peacefully and raucously to electronic music.

The attendance and access is free for every visitor: The world’s biggest open-air party – and everybody is welcome! The topical quintessence of the Loveparade is electronic dance music in its full diversity and actuality. Music is our key!

3 Kommentare

super попастьбы на такой парад
Von Vasek123 vor 3 Jahren
fantastic work anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ??
Von lovellybaby vor 4 Jahren
Ja-war ja sehr gut organisioert wie man heute gesehen hat-tödlich gut.
Von Bala619 vor 4 Jahren