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    Review: Kodak Zi8 Flipcam HD Digital Camcorder [RichardStep]

    Richard N. Stephenson

    by Richard N. Stephenson

    http://richardstep.com I'd like to do a review on the Kodak Zi8. And I have to apologize because I don't have two of them. So I have to switch over to my Sony Handycam ECRDVD405, which I really do not enjoy using at all. But without further ado, let me switch over. PROS: - good video quality - easy to use and small - approximately 50 minutes on one battery charge - flexible, flip-out USB connection (unlike rigid flipcam / minoHD version) - HDMI connection - external microphone input / jack - decent on-board audio quality - removable SD memory card - good resolution choices: 1080p, 720p (60fps and 30fps), and WVGA - turns off quick - macro setting easy and on top CONS: - low-light situation induced vertical / purple / red / pink lines in 720p mode - no real control over picture quality - automatic to the extreme - back-side of camera gets hot after extended use - image stabilization is useless - case a bit too flexible and video aberrations noted if manhandled excessively - no LCD to verify good shot framing - record status LED is annoyingly placed, bright, and red - metal strap piece will scratch the case / housing ASSESSMENT: - Buy it now!