Are You Ready for the ET Landing ?

Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2010-07-15 3rd Journal - Mayan day 11 Dog ♥ TRANSCRIPT: ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: Well, even hindsight, or looking back at it, tells me today was an eleven day; very uncomfortable. I trust it brings forth, however, the blessings for which it is designed. Remember with me, if you will, that everything brings blessings, regardless. Let’s look at life with these new eyes - ones that know this. Then let us see what is to be seen. Are you ready for the space ships to be filling the sky everywhere, my dears? What will be your inner response when this comes? You know it is coming - if you are called to, then best to look at this, now. If things were “normal” here this would not be so. We would leave upcoming things for attention until they arrived or appeared. That would be “normal.” As nothing much about this planet right now is allowed to be normal, though, let’s accept what we’ve got - let’s deal with that - and know it’s a blessing, remember. ;) Let’s not forget. Okay, and why step out of the “normal” of letting the Now take care of itself, some say. Why are we looking supposedly ahead, like this? No future exists - it’s not real - so why do we bother, this way? That one’s pretty easy, my dears. It’s because we’ve been filled with ideas and beliefs designed to keep us from being peaceful and ready - we’ve been offered no understanding that’s reasonable on this ET situation. I know it’s almost unimaginable, but our governments have actually told us no such things exist. It’s really bizarre - how we’ve been force fed this nonsensical web of lies, and made to desist from our questioning. The Alice-In-Wonderland ones are the officials, to be sure. They are nuts - no, not us... Distributed by Tubemogul.