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    David Beckham boosts Lego sales


    by ODN


    David Beckham has given toy manufacturer Lego an unexpected rise in popularity.

    The former England captain was a guest on Jonathan Ross' last ever episode of Friday night, when he revealed he sometimes pieces together Lego buildings in his spare time.

    The dad of three told Ross how he bought a set of the Lego Taj Mahal model whilst on loan to AC Milan.

    Sales for the 5,922-piece set have reportedly soared a skyrocketting 663 percent since Beckham's confession.

    Bosses at the Danish toy manufacturer are so pleased, they have invited the Beckham family over to their headquarters in Billund.

    A spokesman for the company said: "David and the boys are big fans and we are always open to new ideas from people passionate about Lego.

    "We hope they take us up on our invitation."