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    Leo DiCaprio: 'Inception' challenges Hollywood


    by ODN


    Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has said that he is very proud to be a part of the box office blockbuster "Inception" adding that the film's huge success has a lot to do with director Christopher Nolan's ambitions to challenge the norms of Hollywood studios.

    "Inception" is a twisty new thrill ride into the subconscious, which was written and directed by Nolan, the English filmmaker responsible for the last two "Batman" movies.

    Nolan, DiCaprio and fellow star of the film Ken Watanabe are currently on the Asia leg of the film's world tour, which started in London in early July.

    DiCaprio, proud to see the film's huge success, says Nolan's unique new ideas really challenged the norms of Hollywood studios: "This is a very difficult film to come about from the Hollywood studio systems. It is few and far between where you get something that really encompasses everything as far as the scope of everything Hollywood has to offer, but also is this very surreal multi dimensional plot structure. These ideas don't come out of Hollywood very often."

    The film opened at Number 1 at the weekend box office in North America on Sunday, pulling in $60.4 million from moviegoers happy to be vexed by one of the few big original pictures of the summer, according to estimates issued by distributor Warner Bros. Pictures.

    It set a new personal best for DiCaprio, surpassing the $41 million start for "Shutter Island" in February.