Tippa Irie - Rebel on the Roots Corner + Dub

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§: I'm a rebel
deh ya pon the street corner
I'm a rebel
n' me deh ya with the mad professor

Well as a likkle youth, as a likkle youngster
me grow up inna the ghetto with me two sisters
me mother, me father them live under pressure
a one likkle room the whole a we sleep inna
we struggle everyday just to make things better
just to make things better me say fe the future
a nuff time me hear me mother ax me father
"I don't know why we left Jamaica,
just to come a England
and work inna freezer
fe make white man cuss we and call we nigga"
but is milk and honey them did a look for
and that's the only reason why dem come yah
true the white man think 'say them superior,
and dem look pon we as inferior
well day after day they try to keep we under
but we know we got to fight coz it's in our nature
But see yah
a when dem greet people dem take fear for
dem must think n' say slavery still deh ya
but a long time it done, a long time it over
and them the kind of bush we nah check for
just like Malcom X and Martin Luther
well Tippa na joke n' mi na jester
coz the National Front
me no 'fraid of
the Klu Klux Klan
me no 'fraid of
you see the uglyness in dem
we no 'fraid of
you see the BNP (British National Party)
we no 'fraid of
cause if them want this, we will pull the trigger
we will pull the trigger inna dem chaa corner
cause I-man Mr. Irie, I am a warrior
me is a warrior with the Mad Professor
ca' the Mad Professor deh in the area
come hear de Mr. Irie , Mista hot like a rebel
Through the color of my skin me find it harder
fi Iman to survive inna my area
I don't have no chip pon my shoulder
ca' me know one day me affe prosper
and reach to the top as a entertainer
but a nuff obstacle them put in front a Tippa
sometimes dem don't want play you pon the radio
dem won't review your tunes inna the newspaper
you don't get no help from the distributor
is only fe them tunes alone them look after
but the tipp' nah give up, no no never

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