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    Elderly Brazilians learn how to be DJs


    by ODN


    No sewing or bingo for a group of elderly Brazilians, who have spent the last month learning how to work the turntables at a DJ school in Sao Paulo.

    The project called "I'm no granny, I'm a DJ", was launched in late June by 28-year-old DJ Lisa Bueno, who owns a small disc jockey school in Sao Paulo.

    Riding the popularity of a British granny who conquered the French party scene this year, Bueno decided to open a class for elderly students only. Eight people have already signed up for the three-month course.

    One of her most avid students is 63-year-old Rodrigo Ruiz, a Chilean university professor who plans on becoming a professional DJ when he retires.

    "It's super interesting. I'm very excited, but I still have a lot to learn. I even intend on making some money working as DJ someday," he said.

    Ana Maria Casagrande, a 66-year-old retired real estate agent, also decided to learn how to spin after listening to her grandson's dance music CDs.

    "It's not only my ears that hear this music. My heart also hears it. It's so rhythmic and strong. I think I will fall in love with this," she said.

    They look up to their more experienced classmate Nilson Cotrim, a 62-year-old electrician who has been playing at parties and nightclubs for the past four years.

    The white-haired electrician said he often gets crooked looks when he arrives at parties, but he is quick to win people over with his vigorous moves behind the mixing table.