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    Mint Social Shares 5 Objectives of Social Media, 5x5 ...

    Matthew OBrien

    by Matthew OBrien

    25 views - Steve Heideman of Mint Social (part 1 of 2 videos) gives a must see 10 minute in-depth analysis on the 5 primary objectives of social media, whether you are a business or an individual. A tight, well thought out social media strategy means faster results and long term return on investment. We know social media can be a time consuming mess, but Steve helps to make social media marketing a science that will give your business the guidance to achieve the ultimate reason you are engaged (or engaging) in social media, to grow your business with new business. Social media strategy, social marketing personal business, Mint Social, Steve Heideman, 5x5 social media strategy, Distributed by Tubemogul.