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    Anson Weeks & Mark Hopkins Orch. -Ro-Ro-Rollin' Along, 1930


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    Forgot I had Commented before on this.Just noticed that Irving Kaufman was the vocalist.What was he doing on the west coast?
    Przez Lou4 lata temu
    I agree with previous commenters that although DM is technically a bit less advanced, it is a friendlier and cosier environment to share thoughts and music in. Once used to the site's peculiarities, it is quite practical to handle.
    Przez kspm0220s6 lat temu
    Doc,I have trouble putting my thoughts into words,but I do understand that you would have to hire a secretary to answer those 100s of Emails you got on each video.Don't worry about answering comments.Somehow I feel I'm neglecting other things by spending too much time behind a computer.
    Przez Lou6 lat temu
    Lou, in YT my site contained 1200 movies! Just in the end of my actiity there, I felt absolutely helpless to took proper care on 1200 clips anf the same number of forums going on under every uploading. Plus - a whole stream of emails was pouring into my YT mailbox... Therefore, in many of my visitors' opinion I was a very reluctant host in fulfilling all expectations of the social etiquette :-( I am ashamed about it and I hope, here - where the new life begins for me - also my manners will improve. Thank you!
    Przez grzegorz2402526 lat temu
    Doc,Always enjoyed your videos+music,but rarely commented because you never answered.Really liked the Dajas Bela slow tangos.
    Przez Lou6 lat temu
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