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    Warriors of Truth - Vacating Mind Space

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-07-04 2nd - Mayan day 13 Storm ♥ TRANSCRIPT: Note: Transcript provides many links to help you go deeper ;) ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: It’s an Ascension day, friends - Mayan calendar one. They’re so perfect, so special, so lovely and wonderful. Oh, I do hope many of you will be bit by the bug, check this out for yourselves. Just begin to not what the Mayan day is - read up on its energy. It will help tune you into that, for it’s real, sure enough. They were brilliant, you know - they were not savages like we’ve been told. Come on - the Hopi were that. As far as I know that’s their heritage - they sprange from ancient Mayan race. Now, can you see the Hopi performing the blood sacrifice rituals? Can you see how deeply ridiculous that is? We’ve been programmed into that, cuz they don’t want us looking too deep into any history - any Truth. We’re in process, my friends, of letting go of pretty much everything we think we know. We’ve been filled up with rot. Our arrogance has been played to - make us think well of self, take so much pride in what we know. Well, it’s garbage, my friends. Time to let (it) go of that. Throw it out, and replace it with Truth. That’s available, now. The grids are coming down that the controllers put up - maintained for millennia. Our kids being born with such Light - that’s helping to break them down. Our DNA does that, too. They’re coming in with three strands, but ‘they’ won’t tell that to you. Oh no - can’t give you any truth - none at all. Furthermore, their way has been to kill those who do - up to now. Now, no fear. We are all warriors of Truth, my friends. Be fearless - you can. When you’re in fear, just enter the heart. It’s like magic - you’ll see - words won’t tell what it’s like. Just do it. Then you’ll know... Distributed by Tubemogul.