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    Simon Cowell says Cheryl Cole's on the mend


    by ODN


    Simon Cowell says that Cheryl Cole is on the mend.

    It has been two weeks since she was diagnosed with malaria and after a stay in hospital, the 27-year-old singer is now recovering at her Surrey mansion.

    And speaking to GMTV, her X Factor boss said:

    "I had a few text messages from her over the last few days. It was serious and she was ill. We didn't realise how ill, but judging by the text messages I've had, she's definitely looking forward to coming back to work.

    "I think our job is to make sure she doesn't come back too quick 'coz I think she's bored out of her mind and going crazy."

    Simon went on to say: "The texts are getting increasingly fiesty so she's back on the mend."

    Depending on how she is doing, it is thought that Cheryl may be back on the X Factor for the judges houses segment of the show in August.