Wbff Pro Fitness Model Micah LaCerte Destroying Legs

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I have been mentioned in having some of the best legs in the business as a fitness model. I train my legs very very hard to get the head to toe look. I am going to show you a typical routine I do to really blast them and put them over the top This is a giant set i made up that consists of 6 exercises using moderate weight. Each exercise is 50 reps and do the whole routine timed never stopping the clock until you finished. I got it done in 7min and 58 seconds. That is 71500 lbs in under 8 minute 100% destroying your legs. This is a good routine if you have very little time or if you want to muscle shock. DO not be mad at me when you get sick or cannot move though :) www.hitchfit.com www.statusfitnessmagazine.com www.wbffshows.com